Gloucester Neighbourhoods

Gloucester was an independent city until 2001, when it became part of Ottawa. Nearly 100,000 people make their home there, in a myriad of different neighborhoods. Each one of those neighborhoods is a little bit different, making Gloucester an interesting place to live, work, and play. Among the neighborhoods that are recognized in the area are Beacon Hill and Beacon Heights, along with Blackburn Hamlet, Blossom Park, and Carlsbad Springs. People also love Carson Grove, Cedardale, and Chapel Hill, all of which were areas of Gloucester before it became a part of Ottawa.

Some of the neighborhoods in Gloucester overlap into other areas of Ottawa, as well, and there is occasional disagreement about what area of the city a neighborhood belongs to, or whether a particular neighborhood is completely in one area of the city. Other neighborhoods in Gloucester include Chateau Neuf, Convent Glen, and Hiawatha Park, all of which are part of the Orleans area, as well. However, Orleans is considered by many to be an area within Gloucester, which then has areas within it, as well. You can find Cyrville, Edwards, Elizabeth Park, Ficko, and Gloucester Glen in the Gloucester area, too.

If you're looking for Honey Gables, Johnston Corners, Kempark, Leitrim, or Limebank, you'll also find those neighborhoods in Gloucester along with Manotick Station, Pineview, Piperview, and Ramsayville. Because so many people make their homes in Gloucester, it's not surprising that they have divided and designated many neighborhoods within the area. Riverglen, Riverside South, Rothwell Heights, South Gloucester, and Victory Hill are all seen there, too, and you can't forget Windsor Park Village. It's an impressive collection of neighborhoods, but there is also an impressive collection of amenities and homes that go with those neighborhoods. By spending some times in them, you can find the one that really feels like home to you.