Real Estate in Fallowfield, Ottawa

Ranging from under $225,000 to nearly $875,000, homes in the Fallowfield neighborhood of Ottawa can provide you with a number of options to choose from. Both big and small budgets can find a great home there, and it's a wonderful community to live in. There are parks and green spaces to explore, and you can get involved with your community, shop, dine, and find professional services that interest you. Being near the Rideau River is another big bonus, since it helps residents get close to nature and appreciate the beauty that's all around them. There's so much to offer in the Fallowfield area.

Since a main road runs through the community, there's plenty of shopping and other options to consider. You won't have to drive far to get what you want, and in some cases a short walk will take you where you need to go. That's a huge benefit for people who rely on public transportation, and for those who simply like to get outside and get some exercise instead of being forced to drive everywhere. There are a number of choices for where you want to shop and the kinds of things that interest you, so you shouldn't have any trouble locating fun things to do and getting what you need to furnish and decorate your new home.

Singles, retirees, and families with children can all benefit from living in the Fallowfield neighborhood, since there's something for everyone to appreciate there. You can take your children to play in the park, and good schools are close by, too. There are libraries and book stores to explore, and you can also find playgrounds where your kids can run around and have fun. If you're single or retired, there's always something going on in or around the community, so you won't be at a loss for things to do.

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