Country Place Real Estate

Between Prince of Wales and Merivale, you'll find Country Place. There are great options there for renting or buying your next home. Prices start under $300,000, and you can rent a lovely place for just over $2,000 per month. There are options for a number of lifestyles, plans, and budgets, which is something to carefully consider when you're looking for a neighborhood that fits you and that feels like the right place to live. You want to find a place that's going to feel like home, and Country Place can give you that cozy, small town feeling while still keeping you close to great amenities to enjoy.

That's great news for anyone who likes to come home to peace and quiet after a long day, but who also doesn't want to live a rural lifestyle where they have to commute a long way to get to work or to shop. With dining, shopping, and entertainment options very near, you won't have that problem in Country Place. You're also close to parks and green spaces, libraries, schools, and professional services, so you can forget about a long commute or a lot of travel time to get the amenities that matter to you.

Instead, you can spend your free time browsing the local shops for great furniture and decor for your new place, or have a relaxing meal or a snack at one of the nearby restaurants. You can take in a show or a movie, or just walk in the park and watch people playing and having fun. There's so much to do in and around Country Place, and before you know it you'll feel settled in and comfortable in your new home and community. That's a great feeling, and easy to get in a lovely and peaceful neighborhood like Country Place.

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