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The canal area of Ottawa is the neighborhood located near the Rideau Canal, which is sometimes called the Rideau Waterway. Most people who use the canal today do so for pleasure boating, and many people also live in homes right along the canal itself. Mid-May through mid-October are the times the canal is open for navigation, as the locks are closed during the rest of the year. In the winter, a nearly five mile stretch of the Rideau Canal is used as a skating rink, which is open 24 hours per day. How long the rink is open depends on the weather, but the season generally starts in January and ends in March.

Living in the canal area can provide for some beautiful views of both the water and nature in general. There are a limited number of homes that can be purchased on the water there because of the limited length of the canal, but there are many other homes that provide a view of the water or access to it within walking distance. Because of the proximity to the water, the area is lush and there are many parks and green spaces located in the canal area. That makes it popular with nature lovers of all ages.

There are a number of homes in the canal area, and you can find some for less than $200,000. Prices rise to more than $1 million, so there are a number of different price ranges to consider. Once you've found the home that's perfect for you, it's time to get outside and enjoy all the area has to offer. You won't have to travel far for shops where you can find furnishings and decor for your new place, and while you're out you may want to stop and have a great meal. You'll be feeling right at home in no time at all.

Waterfront Canal Area Homes for Sale

Waterfront Canal Area Homes for Sale

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