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In the west end area of Ottawa, you can find the great Bel-Air Park neighborhood. The NCC Bike Path borders it on the east, headed toward Braemar Park and Bel-Air Heights. To the north is the Queensway. The homes in the neighborhood were all built in the mid to late 1950s, so they retain the quaint charm of that time while being well-maintained residences that are great for singles, retirees, and families today. The actual Bel-Air Park, which shares its name with the neighborhood in which it is located, is on Berwick Avenue. There are several public and private schools, making the community a good choice for anyone with children.

You can find homes in the area starting around $250,000 and rising to more than $600,000, so there are a lot of choices. Location matters, of course, but the size of the house and how close you are to specific amenities is also going to matter. With the wide range of prices, you're sure to find something you like and can enjoy for a long time that's also affordable for you. Then you can go about the fun of settling into a new place and getting to know your community.

The parks and green spaces in and around Bel-Air Park are great places to meet your neighbors. You can take your kids there to play, or just go on your own to relax and unwind. Many neighborhood residents use the parks, so you have a good chance of meeting other people who live nearby. That could help you cultivate some excellent friendships in the area, which can be especially important if you're new to Ottawa. Don't forget to check out the shops and restaurants in the area, and it's not far to head downtown and see what else you can explore, as well.

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